Robert Brown


Helping others better their lives is what I live for! To have an influence on somebodies life, whether that be helping them get out of their shell or helping them drop a waist size gives me a tremendous amount of pride and joy.

Throughout my life fitness has been a centre point. My journey in sports and fitness began to take shape after school. For 3 years I lived in South Africa where I studied and played professional rugby. During this time experienced many highs and lows in rugby. One of these low was suffering a major injury to my knee. As a result my dreams of playing top level rugby had to be put on hold.

During the recovery period I learnt a great deal more about training. This along with studying Personal Training really gave me a love and desire to help and others achieve their fitness goals whatever they may be.

Speedflex has helped me take my fitness and conditioning to a new level. I truly believe that introducing Speedflex into my weekly work load is both time efficient and effective in delivering the training adaptations I want and need in order to be the best version of myself possible.

If you want to improve yourself, Speedflex delivers. Sessions and trainers help to build a better body in a fun, social and competitive environment. If you want to be a part of this great environment the feel free to come and join us.


NQF Level 5 Trainer
Personal Fitness Certificate
IB Sport Science Certificate
Indoor Cycling Certificate
3 Years of Professional Rugby Experience
Current Semi-Professional Athlete

Special skills/ achievements:

Can eat 26 slices of large pizza in one sitting
Master of playing the triangle
Guinness world record holder for worst pickup lines ever (scoring a -146,090 for game)