Anthony Halliwell


My journey into the fitness industry started from a young age. I found that I really enjoyed my PE lessons at school and excelled at this throughout my school years.

I remember my way of making friends at school was asking the kids in the playground “do you want to race?” As I was, back then, the Usain Bolt of the playground, all the kids were impressed as to how quick I was.

This led me into playing football for local sides playing in the early rounds of the FA cup and travelling around Europe playing against some of the football giants of today’s era.

I fell out of love with sport and football and took a different career path only to realise later on in life it was a mistake. I disliked my career and it affected me personally.

The gym was my release and led me to rethinking my career path and qualifying as a personal trainer. I wanted to go back to doing what I love to help others and also help myself.

Seven years later and I’m still enjoying what I’m doing and helping others achieve their goals. From the general public to professional sports men and women my main three principles remain the same.


This is the most valuable asset to anybody. We all have the same number of hours but with myself and many others having a family and managing work this can be challenging. But all challenges can be overcome. Make time for yourself whether it be 30 or 45 minutes – as this will make all the difference.


Be efficient in whatever you do when in the gym, playing sport, or at work or family life. I need there to be a purpose, result or end goal to strive for. With my help and guidance you are not going to feel unsure or uncomfortable on your journey.


We all want to see an end result. In my job nothing gives me more satisfaction than helping my clients get results. We all have that vision of how we wish to look and feel and with my help this will be achievable. I will change your mindset and approach to training and life so you get the maximum out of your time, making it efficient in what we have set out to achieve and to get the maximum results.

I want to make you see your full potential.


Reps Level 3 Personal Trainer
Boxercise Instructor
DNA Fit Trainer