Why Speedflex?

Becauase quite simply Speedflex is a brilliantly time efficient, relatively painless, very enjoyable way to totally transform your customers health and fitness faster than you or they ever thought possible.

Speedflex machines hydraulics adjust every second to set resistance levels based on a users force. As the body fatigues and effort levels lessen, the machines recognise this and respond accordingly, allowing the user to continue exercising for a longer period of time, with an elevated heart rate.

The concentric focus mean users are required to engage opposing muscle groups in their shortening phase to complete a variety of complex, compound exercises, ensuring muscles are never stretched beyond their capability, reducing, or eliminating, post exercise pain.

Speedflex offers a genuinely inclusive alternative for high intensity exercise.

One machine, two offerings

Licence a Speedflex studio

The Speedflex concept offers a truly unique exercise experience.

Exhilarating total body workouts, an engaging Trainer and state of the art heart rate monitors provides an immersive experience.

The unique nature of the machines ensures that as users get fitter and push harder, the machines respond, so customers are always guaranteed a great workout, whatever their level of fitness.

Licence a Speedflex Studio

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Health and fitness is constantly evolving to meet customer demands and concepts must offer something different and something with longevity.

Gyms, health clubs, leisure centres and studios can add Speedflex training to their more traditional exercise space to enhance or differentiate their existing offering.

Offering an incredibly safe way to achieve a high intensity training experience, Speedflex machines are user friendly and have a small footprint, making them an effective addition to your offering.

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Multi functional

One Speedflex machine, an endless number of exercises.


Suitable for all ages and levels of fitness.

Full body workout

A combination of Speedflex machines and traditional exercises.

No impact

Closed chain movements and a responsive bar.

Little or no post exercise soreness

Concentrically focused with a force set by the user.

Burn more calories

Users work to move the bar in both directions, engaging more muscles.