Success with six weeks of Speedflex

Success with six weeks of Speedflex

Wednesday 9th August 2017

Name: Iggy Ferrer
Age: 34
Occupation: Structural Engineer

Iggy trained at Speedflex for 45 minutes a day, five times a week, for six weeks.

And his results speak for themselves.

In just six weeks Iggy successfully burnt 20,032 calories, resulting in a total weight loss of 6.1kgs, of which 4.7kgs was body fat mass alone.

His body fat percentage has gone from 24.6% to 21.1% and he has lost 23.8cm of dangerous visceral fat (the fat which is stored around organs).

Iggy explains: “I am quite competitive so working out in a group makes me work even harder. That combined with good music and an encouraging Trainer is what made me give 100% every time.

“I suffered quite a few injuries playing sports when I was younger so I was looking for something easy on the joints, the fact that it targets upper and lower body muscles means you get a full body workout.

“Whenever I’ve lost weight in the past I found the weight I lost didn’t represent the change in my body shape. With the weight loss this time around I noticed a big change in body shape!

“I have tried unrealistic diets with ridiculous meal portions or food that doesn’t look appetising at all so you end up dreading it and put all the weight back on! As soon as I committed to getting fit I knew I had to change my diet. As soon as you start exercising you feel like you want to do it anyway.

“I am starting another 6 weeks when I come back from my holiday (which will hopefully help me get rid of any holiday weight) and I intend to reduce my body fat further. I am curious to find out how much body fat I will be able to lose next time round.”

You can follow Iggy’s health and fitness journey on his Instagram Iggy.Ferrer.

Iggy’s training statistics: