Why a Speedflex machine?

Health and fitness is constantly evolving to meet customer demands and concepts must offer something different and something with longevity.

Speedflex training offers both in the form of concentrically focused, low impact, high intensity training with little (or no) post exercise pain.

With Speedflex you only get what you give, the machine responds to the force you apply, whether you’re new to exercise, recovering from injury or are an athlete at the top of your game.

Gyms, health clubs, leisure centres and studios can add Speedflex training to their more traditional exercise space to enhance or differentiate their existing offering.

Offering an incredibly safe way to achieve a high intensity training experience, Speedflex machines are user friendly, have a small footprint, and because they are entirely responsive to the user, provide a great way to introduce individuals to resistance training.

Over 100 exercises can be performed on a Speedflex machine, allowing users to perform almost all movement patterns to optimise full body strength. It will create an entirely new and unique experience at any facility. With countless formatting options, Speedflex machines can also be a focal point for PT’s to offer one to one training sessions.

Interested in adding a Speedflex machine to your offering? Why not contact a member of our sales team to begin your Speedflex journey today?

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