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As a company we strive to be innovative and deliver the latest industry concepts to our members. With the introduction of Speedflex we continue to add to the investment and provisions rolled out across our clubs. Speedflex further enhances our ability to utilise the latest industry platforms such as MyZone, enabling us to deliver an enhanced member experience.
Anthony Elliot CEO - The Bannatyne Group

Speedflex allows me to train at an intensity that's right for me, and i have no pain the next day.

Alan Shearer Former Newcastle united and England striker

Inclusive sessions, multiple workouts, rapid recovery.

Speedflex machines feature a free motion bar, which unlike traditonal equipment, no impact to apply force inclusive for everyone entirety of any exercise. You engage opposing muscle groups to complete a variety of complex, compound exercises. The concentric focus ensures muscles aren't stretched beyond their optimum capability, all but eliminating post exercise pain.


Speedflex allows me to train at an intensity that's right for me, and i have no pain the next day.

Ben Shephard Television presenter and fitness fanatic

Licence a Speedflex studio.

Group exercise continues to grow in popularitym and HIIT is scientifically proven to provide maximum improvements in health and fitness. A speedflex studio delivers high intensity exercise to a much broader audience due to the low impact nature and inclusiveness of the machine. You can fill a studio with people from all stages of life, from aspiring 18 year old athletes to 88 year old grandmothers looking to maintain the best level of fitness possible.


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